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Convey’s Response to COVID-19 

Predictive Insights Now FREE to Retailers

What action can be taken with Insights?

To date, exception insights are available for 5 exception types including:

  • Attempted deliveries
  • Damages
  • Incorrect addresses
  • Predicted to miss EDD
  • Stalled shipments

All insights dashboards have sections dedicated to providing the context needed to identify what action to take -- whether it’s notifying customers of a delay or opening a case with a carrier to investigate. Correlations between exceptions and carriers and locations provide leading indicators of delayed carrier facilities, lost trucks, weather events and more.

How early are issues identified?

Convey’s predictive insights utilize machine learning to identify delivery issues well in advance of any carrier reporting. 

On average, the model detects shipments that will miss their delivery date 19 hours before carrier revises its EDD, and 43 hours before weather delay exceptions are reported. Convey flags shipments likely to miss their promise dates, EDDs, and stalls with 96% precision across all risk levels. This advanced warning gives retailers the opportunity to get ahead of customer expectations to solidify loyalty.

What are Predictive Insights?

Predictive insights make it easy to identify and triangulate the root cause of network transportation issues. Insights include configurable alerts that notify shippers when shipments are at-risk of missing customer expectations. AI-driven exception types reveal hidden issues that impact up to 17% of all shipments. 

  • See and get alerted to at risk shipments 
  • Evaluate the impact 
  • Investigate the root cause 
  • Take action to resolve issues 

Convey is offering our best-in-class shipping insights product to retailers to help them get through the rapidly developing coronavirus crisis and the corresponding impact to the supply chain. 

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