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for our supply chain and logistics expert panel

Solidifying Customer Loyalty During Ecommerce Supply Chain Shocks

As the impact of the COVID-19 continues to grow, maintaining consumer confidence will be an even greater challenge.

Join us for a this on-demand webinar discussion with supply chain and logistics leaders from Kustomer, APL, Thankful, CEVA Logistics and Convey. In this panel, we discuss which strategies empower retailers to flex through new last mile challenges, how to reduce shopper anxiety, and what benchmarks and trends we’re seeing across retail.

Watch the recorded session to learn:  

  • New policies that impact supply chain 
  • How to manage customer delivery expectations through the crisis 
  • Time-saving techniques to solve delivery issues 
  • Strategies to utilize partners and data to navigate uncertainty

Meet The Panel

Kirsten Newbold-Knipp

Chief Growth Officer  | Convey

Kirsten has more than 15 years of senior marketing leadership experience at Fortune 100 companies and high-growth startups, including HubSpot, SolarWinds and BigCommerce. Most recently, she was research vice president at Gartner, where she advised CMOs on refining strategy, organization and martech priorities. Kirsten oversees Convey’s corporate brand and messaging initiatives while scaling marketing support for repeatable pipeline and revenue growth.


Chad Horenfeldt

Director of Customer Success  |  Kustomer

Chad has 15+ years of experience building and developing Customer Success teams, including implementing Customer Success strategies resulting in exemplary customer satisfaction, retention and growth rates. He specializes in hiring the best people, leveraging technology to increase efficiency and above all is committed to fostering the Customer Success community.


Jonathan Morris

VP of Sales & Delivery  |  Thankful

Jonathan Morris works with brands to assess their customer service processes and performance, as well as determine the impact of utilizing CS tech. He has helped brands from D2C to Fortune 500 deliver better customer service in a scalable way. Jonathan was previously VP at Circle CI and is a mentor at Amplify.la.


Rhonda Moon

Sr. Director of Value-Added Services  |  APL

Rhonda Moon is responsible for driving customer activity through brand integration and strategic company initiatives.  Rhonda has been in the supply chain industry for 20+ years in leadership roles that have always been close to customers and customer activities with companies such as Exel, SEKO and Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW).


Willetta Collier

Sr. Manager Home Delivery Service Center  | CEVA

Willetta Collier is responsible for delivering the promise of an exceptional customer experience by leveraging practical call center operational strategies with innovative technology solutions. Willetta began her career with CEVA Logistics in 2012 and was able to utilize her 10+ years of contact center management experience to help launch the first service center of its kind within the organization. She takes great pride in spearheading a group that has grown from a team of 4 to over 100 in 2019.